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Online Rental Applicatio

Online Tenant Application

Dear Tenants,

Welcome to the Online Tenant Application, Here you can apply for tenancy for a property.

We will require separate identification documents one of which must contain a photo. The preferred documents will always be U.S. Drivers Licence and Passport. Please ask to have other forms of ID accepted.

All persons over the age of 18 years must complete a page of Applicants Particulars.

Every application must be signed by all persons over the age of 18 years.

By submitting this application, all parties agree to accept the property in the condition viewed.

By submitting this application, if accepted, you agree to pay your rent on time or online.

A Security Deposit of 1 month or 1 month and half rent depending on different properties

Explanation for Applicants

Only complete this APPLICATION and pay the Application Fee if you are sure that you want to enter into a Lease with the Owner for the Premises, or hold the Premises for a period.

The Owner of the Premises is attempting to locate the most suitable tenant; that is a tenant who pays the rent on time and takes good care of the Premises.

To enable the Owner of the Premises to determine in their opinion, who is the most suitable person, the Agent requires some background information about you.


The purpose of this form is:
  • First; to inform the Owner of Your details, and your requirements for the Lease; for example, if You wish to have pets at the Premises.
  • Second; to inform the Owner of Your details; and your requirements for the Lease; for example if You wish to have pets at the Premises.
  • Third; to make You aware of the money that is required to be paid prior to taking possession of the Premises; for example, the value of the Security deposit(which can be up to 1 and half months rent), the Pet Bond (which can be up to $300.00) and the initial Rent Payment (and First months rent in advance).
  • Fourth; if Your Offer is accepted, to create an Option to Lease the Premises. If the Owner accepts Your offer, then the Owner gives You the Option to Lease the Premises. You will have two (2) Business days from the time when the Owner’s Agent informs You that Your offer has been accepted in which to make a final decision if You want to enter into the Lease. This is a holding period. If you enter into the Lease, then the Option fee will be credited to the rent payable. If you decline the opportunity to enter into the Lease during the two (2) Business Days, then the Owner will keep the Option Fee.


Your Action:
  1. 1 Complete this Offer.
  2. 2 Submit this Application with the Application Fee to the Agent or Online
Owners Action:
  1. 3 Accept or reject the Offer. 
Your Action:
  1. 4 If the Offer is accepted, then you have two (2) Business days to consider entering into the Lease.
  2. 5 If You withdraw after acceptance of Your Offer by the Owner, then You will forfeit (lose) the Application Fee.

A hard copy download of the application can be used if you prefer to complete the application by hand.

If you have read and undertsand the above,

Let's Begin!

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