JAR Property Management Group LLC
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We have many abilities....

But none is more important than "reliability".

Operation and Maintenance

Staff Supervision - We develop and implement work agendas and systems that maximize staff productivity and efficiency.  

Project Management - For each Landlord-approved project, we investigate contractors and make recommendations to the Board. We negotiate a binding contract, specifying all requirements. Once approved, we supervise all work performed by the contractor assuring that work is done to specifications and completed on schedule.    

Preventative Maintenance - We develop a customized program to assure that all your mechanical equipment gets the continuous maintenance it requires.
Annual Assessment & Report - Every year, we compile a report on the condition of your building including recommended priorities as well as suggestions for long-term and short-term repairs, improvements and upgrades. 
(Coming soon)
Work Orders - All written and verbal (and now online) requests from residents are noted on specifically designed log sheets.(comming soon)
Information includes:
  • Date
  • Time
  • Name
  • Nature of request
  • Time required to complete
  • Materials used
  • And the name of contractor used, if applicable
Fuel/Energy - We insist upon stringent supervision of oil purchases for your property.  We agressively seek the best oil/gas prices for your property in an ongoing effort to save you money!  Copies of the delivery slips are given to the property manager for verification against forthcoming bills.
Supplies - We control inventory and prices by carefully monitoring the purchase of all supplies for your property and deal in volume by working closely with distributors, manufacturers and contractors for bulk discounts.
Service Contracts - We review all existing service contracts such as:
  • Boiler
  • Elevators
  • Oil Tanks
  • Extermination
  • Landscaping
Our goal is to insure the highest quality service as well as timeliness from vendors and contractors.
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